The emulators and tools page !


Amoric 1.5 for Amiga (Jean-François Fabre)

ArcOric 1.2 for Acorn Archimedes and Risc PC (Thomas Olsson, Bent Valerius)

Atoric 0.9 for Atari (Christian Peppermueller)

+ optimization patch for VGA screens


Emul8D, a Pravetz 8D emulator


Euphoric (by me)

Euphoric-1 for DOS (build 1020)




Oricutron, the portable Oric emulator (Peter Gordon)

With ports for Windows, MacOS X, MorphOS, AmigaOS…


New: a tool that builds a Sedoric/Stratsed disk image from the contents of a tape image : tap2dsk.

A gateway program for PCs (Windows and Unix versions) that allows you to connect an Oric with serial interface to the Internet, or to connect two Orics through the Internet. French readers can also read these tips. Try it by playing a Tea For Two game of chess on two connected Orics over the Internet !

The new TapeTools collection for Euphoric allows you to transfer tapes from and back to the real Oric. It contains WAVCLEAN, WAV2TAP and TAP2WAV, and last but not least: documentation...

Tired of waiting tape loading ? Here are some vitamins for your CLOAD commands : tap2cd is a tool that generates sound files from tape images (like tap2wav), but the Oric then loads them 10 times faster ! You may use your PC as a file server or store hundreds of Oric programs on a single audio-CD, but don't forget to read the doc for hints if you want to build an Oric archive...

Oric K7 , a superb professionnal tool from Thomas Gemmp, which lets you use tape images as some sort of PKware archives. A host of features, allowing you to handle the individual files contained in a tape image. A must see !

Much enhanced version of Convert Atmos -> PC, by Robert Chéramy, CAP 2.1 ! let you choose individual files in a real Sedoric disk inserted in your PC drive, and write them in tape format (CLOAD) on the PC. 

CIP 1.0 is the equivalent of CAP for disk images, and lets you choose individual files in a Sedoric disk image, and write them in tape format (CLOAD) on the PC, by Robert Cheramy.

CHKSUM 1.1 is the equivalent of the Sedoric CHKSUM command for the PC. Lets you verify Atmos->PC conversions are OK.

New version of disklink from Philippe Menard. This is the best way to transfer 3" oric disks to your PC, whether you have a Microdisc or a Jasmin drive !

Format Oric real disks with your PC with Robert Cheramy's Init program ! This program uses the same syntax as Sedoric's INIT command, so it is easy to format 16 or 17 sectors/track disks !