Picture gallery of Oric computers for the 3rd Millenium

You are all used to the Oric computers, but here you can view some Oric configurations with unusual peripherals, or peripherals needed for Oric use in year 2000. Also, this might be useful to all of you who regularly ask how to connect a cheap high-density PC 3"5 floppy drive to your Oric disk controller.

Ok, let's start with those of you who don't have a disk controller, I guess you sometimes use your tape recorder to load programs but rarely store anything new on your tapes, so, why not connect an audio-CD instead of the tape recorder ? (some people also use MP3 players now...)

Notice there's also a modem on the picture above... what ? but the Atmos doesn't have a serial interface ! Absolutely right, it's connected to the printer port of the Oric, thanks to a special cable you can build yourself, all this is explained in BIP's page.

If you are lucky enough to have a floppy disk controller board, you can make a classy black box with the board and a modern 3"5 drive in it like below:

Oh yeah, the modem is still there... for those of the curious sort, it's a blue Olitec modem painted in black :-)
And if you want a real serial interface on your Atmos, that doesn't take your printer port, do you know you can build one yourself with only 4 chips ? Then you will have something like :
...ahem, it isn't pretty looking so you will surely want to put the serial interface in a black box too, sorry :-)

Let's see some Teletrat's hardware now, connecting the modem is even easier since the Telestrat has a serial port:

The cartridges inside the Telestrat have been built by Claude Sittler, they are called "Big cartridges" and have switches on them that allow to select either Telemon+HyperBasic+Telematic or Stratoric firmware.
Above is a genuine Microdisc drive (of the slave sort, no external disk controller is required on the Telestrat since a controller is integrated on the mainboard), but it's very easy to connect a standard 3"5 drive on the Telestrat:
The above drive is a cheap high-density 3"5 floppy drive from the PC world... Those drives are always "B" drives , so if you want to connect one as a "A" drive on the Oric, the only thing to do is to cross wires #10 and #12 like below (of course you will only use double-density, the disk controller is not able to handle high-density):

More to come... with the Super-Oric !