The Microtan Java Emulator

Quick instructions:
1.  you need a Java 1.1 compatible browser to run this applet.
2. at startup, you should see a screen full of random characters, and the TANBUG message written at the bottom of the screen.
A '?' prompt should also appear on the very last line. If this is not the case, press the Enter key.
3. those who wish to experiment with the TANBUG monitor may do so, refer to the Microtan Users Manual for TANBUG commands. Don't forget everything should be typed in uppercase letters.
Also, you may need to know pressing Enter will give a Carriage Return, while Shift+Enter will give a Line Feed.
If you hang the Microtan65, press the RESET key (F8).
4. those who wish to run BASIC may do so too, just enter BAS<CR>, and press Enter again twice to answer the memory size and screen width question (Microtan will discover the available memory automatically). Don't forget to read the BASIC Users Manual, this will tell you how to edit programs.