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The Oric Web Ring !

What is this Oric Web Ring ?

Just the latest new thing on the net, don't bother... 8-)
No, seriously, this serves several purposes:

  • It adds an easy navigation way to the Oric material on the Net
  • as there are more and more Oric Web sites, it becomes difficult to navigate through the sites, and people can get lost without finding the information they are looking for. As its name suggests, a Ring organizes all the pages who want to be part of it in a circular structure, so net surfers can travel all the belonging pages without having to remember which pages they have previously visited, thanks to some navigation buttons which basically allow to go to the next and preceding pages in the ring. After a number of jumps, of course, you fall to the first page you visited. Try the links at the beginning of this page !

  • It helps administrating the growth of the Oric Web
  • Most Oric pages over the world have links to some but not all the other Oric sites, and some pages are not referenced at all in any other site. Every time a new Oric page is created, it requires all the other sites to reference it with a new link. Of course, this could be the purpose of a central site, but no site is qualified as having such a central authority. With a ring, every site is on a par with the others. Another benefit of the ring is that it automatically skips the sites which are down.

  • It makes all the Oric related stuff on the Net advertized
  • among all the other Web Rings so oric users who don't imagine there is Oric material on the web have yet another chance to come upon the oric web.

    Join the Oric Web Ring !

    If you want your page to be part of the Oric Web Ring, submit it with this form. This will give you an id number, which you will need below (let's call it YOUR_SITE_ID), and your submission will be put in a queue, waiting for insertion in the ring. Then you need to add navigation links in your page, you need of course links to next site and previous site but you can also have a link to the second next site, or back two sites, or list next 5 sites, etc. Here are example of URLs you can add: There are other commands you can use described here, like a list of all sites, etc.

    Also, Marc Goldstein has sent this sample HTML fragment you can use:

    The Oric Web Ring The Oric Web Ring Member of The Oric Web Ring
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    Once your page is ready and waiting in the submission, any existing member of the ring (someone who has a page in the ring) will be able to move your submission from the queue to the ring, this can be done with the 'add' link left to your site in the queue list (if you are in a hurry and can't wait someone notices your page in the queue, just poll the ring member you like most ;-) Don't ask me for help, I am totally new to this system, so you should better read this FAQ.

    Additional information about administration

    Once you have added your site to the ring, you can edit it with this form. I've created this ring, but I want it to be democratic, so in the configuration process, I've allowed members of the ring the permission to add sites to the ring, so every member can move a site in the queue to the ring (the new site will be inserted in the ring just after the old member's site). Here is the queue list again, so that you can check if someone is waiting for insertion in the ring.